Office & Committee Bearers 2015

President Roy SeabridgeVK3GB5971 6804
Vice President John CheesemanVK3XMTBA
Secretary Peter CollinsVK3IJ9551 4591
Treasurer Murray LittleVK3FADXTBA
Committee Member Bruce BatholsVK3UV97858003
Committee Member David SwallowVK3AWX0409 133 318
Committee Member Colin ReynoldsVK3CR0438 001 654
Committee Member Michael LammerVK3UUU0428 880 500
Committee Member Andy WaltonVK3CAH9783 6859
Committee Member Bill GrypstraVK3MMM9781 2886

Other Functions

WIA Exam Assesor Michael LammerVK3UUU0428 880 500
QSL Manager Bill Grypstra VK3MMM9781 2886
Equipment Officer Bill GrypstraVK3MMM9781 2886
Website & Newsletter Shaun StoddartVK3VH0431 564 451

Contact Us

The FAMPARC clubrooms are located on the South side of the school grounds of Cornish College (formerly St. Leonard's College, Patterson Lakes Campus), Riverend Road, Bangholme. Melway Ref. 93 J11 or UBD Ref 276 A3. (Note: South-heading traffic must take Wells Road, NOT the Freeway).
Correspondance via mail to:
PO Box 65
Patterson Lakes Vic. 3197